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About Us

Tradition Media Group (TMG) is an agency that uses a large network of lenders to handle title loan products—including processing and customer sales fulfillment.

TMG Manges several brands as well as cultivates an affiliate program with Affiliate.Army to bring in all kinds resources, information, and leads for their members, to make successful financial decisions.

By teaming up with several other commercial providers, TMG has been able to expand efforts to assist those in the subprime market and beyond when it comes to smart economic planning and assistance. TMG is a proud owner of TMG Loan Processing, Max Cash Title Loans, Champion Title Loans, and Title Loans King with the mission of spreading financial relief to people throughout the nation.

About our Brands:

Participating with other brands such as Max Cash—the #1 nationwide title loans referral service, gives TMG the opportunity to broaden the scope of customer outreach. Our brands are essential to what we do—helping as many people as we possibly can.

TMG Loan Processing is one of the highest rated loan processors, according to ConsumerAffairs, for the years of 2016 and 2017. ConsumerAffairs only gives high star ratings to institutions with trusted legitimacy of reviews, the helpfulness of our replies and companies who demonstrate quality of business. TMG Loan Processing is proud to be an accredited as a licensed, bonded a most importantly-- respected by our customers as the premier way to get a car title loan.

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